One Peace, Our Peace

<transcy>One Peace, Our Peace</transcy>

One Peace is a company that was born with the purpose of expanding peace, therefore it cares about watering seeds of love and that you find your own peace.
From our origin we knew that peace began with us, for this reason we focus on positively impacting our planet, and those who every day want a world more full of life.
We started having peace with our planet, for this reason we decided to take all the "rejected" fruits, due to their size or appearance, and turn them into fruits. EXTRAORDINARY .

Then we decided to provide seeds of peace to our community, for this, we created together with Salva Terra, a great project called GARDEN HOME . The purpose of this is to teach them how to cultivate and provide inputs to 10 families from Guarne (Antioquia), so that by planting their own organic gardens, they can sow a future full of color.

To finish, we wanted to bring peace to your life through a healthy product, full of flavor and above all that will fill you with GOOD ENERGY .

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